IOTY Media release – Day 3

The year 2013 has come to an end. Firstly, we would like to thank our fans for your active support. With your help, our project wouldn’t get such results we have now. But there is a new year, year 2014 ahead. We have a lot of plans for this year, and we would like to tell you about them right now.

First of all, we would like to mention that our game will have detailed patches, getting more and more content, it will be ported…we could continue this list even more, but right now we would like to get your attention on another topic, which is not related to technical aspect of our game. In the year 2014 we would like to give you a brief demonstration of what should you expect in our game. Special attention will be pointed to the content, which was cut out of the game for some reasons. Despite the fact that we are developing an independent gaming project, it is still difficult to work with, especially including it’s scales. We have to put a lot of ideas down for game’s balance sake and because of our physical strength.

IOTY Media Release | Day 3

Also we will more and more get in touch with you about the development progress: we will share our plans, tell you about interesting facts and things we come by during the development of our game.

And yes, we will finally create a Steam Store page next year. We weren’t interested in doing that before since we were busy with other important development cases.

Since our game made it to the TOP 100 at IOTY, in the coming 9 days we will post additional screenshots that didn’t make it to the December media-release.

In touch with you, The Lost Stories Team.

IOTY Media release – Day 2

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The year 2013 has become a year of drastic changes for us. We had a lot of changes in team plan and in project plan in general. Due to support of our fans and the community, our project appeared in the “greenlit” list. This fact has increased our hopes that more and more people will like our project. Despite the fact that our project is a commercial game now, we haven’t lost our enthusiasm.

We had to revise the concept of our game and to refuse of calling the genre of our project as “first-person shooter” as a base genre. The game world has been expanded greatly and the location detail level rose to a new stage. We were working on the increase of gameplay variety. We try to do our best to make every moment of our game unique in it’s own way.
We should also mention that our game is being developed using a new version of Source Engine, which details we cannot talk about freely. Although, it is definitely not Source 2.
The other piece of good news is that you can now get information concerning our game on our official web site. Our project pages on Indie DB/Mod DB/Steam Community have been updates as well.

We will do our best to keep you satisfied with more good news coming your way shortly.

In touch with you, The Lost Stories Team.

IOTY Media release – Day 1

Good day, dear followers and fans. It’s been a year since our last media-release. Our team is sure that you have a lot of questions concerning our project. In the coming 3 days we will do our best to answer all of your questions of interest and we will provide you with some additional information about our project.

From now on we begin to answer your questions concerning the project via Steam Community official game forum. You can also send your questions here:

IOTY Media Release | Day 1

We hope that you haven’t forgotten about us. Our work is not standing still. We do our best to release this project as soon as possible and we hope that you will enjoy it.
In touch with you, The Lost Stories Team.